Dr. Michael de Jong, Registered Psychologist
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ADD & ADHD treatment in Burnaby

ADD and ADHD treatment in Burnaby: The costs of ADHD

Having a learning disability like ADD or ADHD can be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Many clients have become depressed or developed unproductive coping styles, such as withdrawal, drugs or anger, to deal with the disappointment and sense of hopelessness that comes with unrealized hopes and dreams. The effects on children and adolescents can be equally destructive and affect self-esteem, grades, mood, friendships and sleep.


The focus of Dr. de Jong's Ph.D. thesis work was an examination of Attention Deficit Disorder, with and without Hyperactivity in adults. As such, he has a clear understanding of both the treatment and assessment of adults with ADD and ADHD. Both of these disorders are complex and comprised of a variety of symptoms that may be masked by anger, depression or anxiety. Understanding these symptoms is a challenging task and so Dr. de Jong uses state of the art diagnostic tools, including brain imaging equipment and standardized tests to determine the likelihood of this disorder.


For children or adolescents with ADD or ADHD he focusses on a method of treatment called brainwave biofeedback or neurofeedback. Dr. de Jong uses state of the art digital equipment, including brain imaging equipment, to measure and help retrain brain activity. However, he believes that behavioural problems with adults, children and adolescents can best be handled by both brain retraining as well as understanding and changing behaviour.  



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