Dr. Michael de Jong, Registered Psychologist
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Career Counselling in Burnaby

Career Counselling in Burnaby

Dr. de Jong has been assisting clients with career direction and 'career tuning' for the past 15 years. His approach to career counselling is to employ state-of-the-art assessment inventories combined with clinical experience and your 'inner wisdom' to guide the process. He usually spends the first session discussing your education, work experience and goals as well as the vocational direction you wish to take with your life. At the end of the session, he'll provide you with three or four assessment inventories that will be used to interpret and understand your interests, values and working personality.

Dr. de Jong works with both students and adults. His work with students usually involves helping them discover a career direction when entering the later phases of their educational training, grade 11+. 


Working with adults exposes him to a much wider range of issues and levels of working experience. He has been part of both the 'British Columbia' and 'Government of Canada's Executive Development Program.'

Dr. Michael de Jong, (604) 999 - 5809 or mike@drmikedejong.com

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