Dr. Michael de Jong, Registered Psychologist
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Depression and Mood Treatment in Burnaby
Depression and Mood Problems
You are not alone!  Clinical Depression affects about 16% of the population on at least one occasion. The average age of a person's first experience with depression is in the mid-20's with about two times as many females as males reporting or receiving treatment. Clinical depression is the leading cause of disability in some of the industrialized countries and is expected to become the second leading cause of disability worldwide (after heart disease) by the year 2020. Do not despair, there is hope! Dr. de Jong is a registered psychologist providing treatment for depression, bi-polar disorder, dysthymia and other mood problems.  He will help you deal with your thoughts and feelings in a direct and successful manner through cognitive behavioural techniques such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Depression is a very serious medical illness that takes an enormous toll on the life of the individual as well as their partners, friends, co-workers, families and society in general, clearly, it's not something that you have made up in your head. It's also quite a bit more than the occasional "off day" or "down in the dumps" feelings that we all have from time to time. It's feeling hopeless, down & low for weeks at a time.

The causes of depression are unclear but appear to be related to psychological, environmental and genetic factors. For example, a major depressive episode is often seen in individuals who have suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following an auto accident. As debilitating as depression can be, there is hope as Psychological Treatment has shown to be very effective in treating depression and mood problems.

Some of the signs and symptoms of depression are:

-Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood.
-Feelings of hopelessness/pessimism.
-Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness.
-Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that
 were previously enjoyed.
-Decreased energy, fatigue, feeling sluggish.
-Sleep difficulties, e.g., early morning awakening or oversleeping.
-Changes to appetite that result in weight loss or gain.
-Thoughts of death or suicide and suicide attempts.
-Physical complaints that do not seem to respond to treatment, e.g., headaches, digestive problems or chronic pain.

Cognitive and Behavioural methods such as Acceptance and Committment Therapy provide a positive, effective means of dealing with depression, whether you use medication or not. Dr. de Jong can help you quickly begin to form the states of mind that will help you start your recovery. 

Call or text (604) 999-5809 or e-mail michael@drmikedejong.com
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