Dr. Michael de Jong, Registered Psychologist
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Peak Performance in Burnaby

Learn about Peak performance with Burnaby Psychologist Dr. Mike de Jong

Dr. de Jong uses mindfulness techniques, physiological biofeedback methods and operant conditioning of brainwave activity to help you achieve your goals.
Mindfulness is simple because it involves only three principles of attention: attending to one thing at a time, adopting a non-judgmental attitude and describing from experience rather than through predefined categories. However, these three simple notions are quite difficult to do because they 'go against the grain' of our typical observational processes. Most of us have been trained to multi-task and evaluate or analyze our observations simultaneously. To turn off the analytical skills that have been 'over learned' and are part of our observational processes is very difficult, but there is a way. Mindfulness is about increasing observational skills themselves thus exposing you to your thoughts, sensations and emotions as they are not as 'they say they are.' Mindfulness increases contact with the moment, thereby allowing you to perform at your best; whether at work or play!

Biofeedback training of processes such as heart rate and breathing can have profound effects on your concentration, focus and overall performance. The biofeedback training allows us to become aware of and control some of these physiological processes allowing us to perform at our best under a variety of situations.

Brainwave Biofeedback conditioning of brainwave activity in order to improve peak performance has been used successfully for over a three decades to increase concentration and focus www.clinical-neurotherapy.com 

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